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cash deposits may be performed

The cash withdrawals may be also performed by CEC Bank units other than the unit where the account ,

You may perform the following operations by INTERNET BANKING service, : - in lei or in foreign currency, intra and interbank payments - - currency exchange operations  -

By using the INTERNET BANKING service you save time, you avoid the stress and crowded places, and you beneficiate also of lower costs per transaction

The extended network of CEC units offers to the Customers, the opportunity to make account operations from anywhere in

the country
Cash deposits may be made at any CEC Bank branch

You can withdraw cash from a CEC Bank branch other than the branch where the account was opened.

The account holder benefits from a sight interest(??) and can permit other people to use the amount deposited into account 

A DIRECT DEBIT allows the bank to pay the account holder’s regular bills (phone, electricity, gas etc.) 

A STANDING ORDER allows the bank to pay fixed amounts upon account holder’s request (insurance premiums, rents etc),

The INTERNET BANKING service (available 24/7) offers the following services:
  • internal and external payments, in lei or in a foreign currency, intra- and inter-bank payments
  • setting up Direct Debits and Standing Orders
  • currency exchange operations
  • constitution of deposits (??? is this account balances)

By using the INTERNET BANKING service you save time, you avoid stress and crowded places, and you benifit also from lower costs per transaction (commisions 30% than are payed at the bank`s counters)

The extended network of CEC branches means that Customers, can manage account operations from anywhere in the country

Fast and transparent account operations.
“The” is unnecessary here. And in the next paragraph.
The correct preposition is “at.” We have translated “units” throughout the text as “branches” some discussion may be necessary to determine whether the more general term “locations” might be better if the intention was to refer to branches and ATMs.
“was opened” is more correct as withdrawals are subsequent to the opening of the account.
We have used the less formal “if you choose,” if the indirect voice is preferred, “if the account holder chooses” might be better.
We have been unable to fully express this in correct English. The term “sight interest” is not a recognised term and requires further clarification.
These paragraphs have been reworded to flow better.
“24/7” is the commonly used and well understood idiom.
"Internal and external payments" needs more clarification. We are not sure if this is a repeat of “intra and interbank payments?”
We have changed this to “setting up Direct Debits and Standing Orders” but more clarification is required to determine if this is correct.
We are unsure the precise meaning intended here. Is it account balances or transactions?
This is ambiguous and confusing. It could mean that transactions cost 30% less. Or it could mean that transactions cost 30% on the desk and they are less than this when using internet banking. We have taken the first meaning but discussion and reference to the original Romanian text is needed to determine the precise intention.

This is perhaps the most important translation error in this passage.
We have combined these two sentences to save some repetition. It might be that for impact these benefits should be listed separately with different wording. 12
“The” nu este necesar aici, su nici in paragraful urmator
Prepozitia corecta este “at.”

Am fost nevoiti s a traducem 2 “units” de-a lungul textului ca si “branches”. „Unele discuții ar putea fi necesare pentru a determina dacă termenul mai general "location" («locații») ar putea fi mai bun dacă intenția a fost de a se referi la sucursale și ATM-uri
"Was opened" este mai corect decat withdrawals(retrageri) care vine dupa deschiderea contului bancar
Am folosit mai puțin formalul „dacă alegeți,“ în cazul în care este de preferat vocea indirectă, „în cazul în care titularul de cont alege“ ar putea fi mai bine
Nu am putut sa intelegem concrect acesta expresie in engleza corecta .termenul ïnteres la vedere necesita lamuriri.
Aceste paragrafe au fost reorganizate pentru a curge cat mai natural.
“24/7” este un concept bine inteles in toate limbile.
Plati interne si externe au nevoie de clarificari. Nu suntem siguri daca asta este o repetare a “intra and interbank plati?”
Noi am schimbat asta in “setting up Direct Debits and Standing Orders” dar se impune clarificari mai exacte pentru a se determina daca este corect.
Nu suntem siguri de sensul exact intenționat aici. Este vorba despre soldurile conturilor?
Acest lucru este ambigu. Ar putea însemna că tranzacțiile costă mai puțin de 30%., sau ar putea însemna că tranzacțiile costa 30% la ghiseu, și sunt mai puține(ca si numar) decât atunci când se utilizează internet banking. Noi am luat primul sens, dar discuția și trimiterea la textul românesc original este necesară pentru a determina intenția precisă.
Am combinat aceste două fraze pentru a salva unele repetiții. S-ar putea ca pentru impactul acestor.
This is the edited text that we suggest as a replacement.
Acesta este textul editat pe care îl sugerăm ca înlocuitor.